Using Your Influence

Using Your Influence

We see people every day who are hurting, confused, and looking for a better life. They try all sorts of things to find answers to life’s big questions, but they never find answers that satisfy.

As believers in Christ, we have the answers they’re so desperately seeking. Yet, we may hesitate to share them because we know our culture views people of faith as closed-minded and intolerant—and we don’t want to offend or do anything to damage a relationship. This struggle can leave us feeling inadequate to know the right words to say or stressed to know when to take the next step.

These are real concerns that we all grapple with, and often we can end up doing or saying nothing. How do we push them aside and find our voice in a world that would prefer we keep Jesus tucked away deep inside and out of sight?

Pete Briscoe’s empowering 8-message Bible-teaching series, Using Your Influence, shows us how to navigate these cultural and relational challenges to confidently share with others the Truth and Life found only in Christ.

Available on CD and USB Flash Drive


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